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oober lore

Hi! I'm Ava, General Doober's human! Oobers started off as a cute little gift for my friends. Everyone had so much fun with them that people started asking me to make more for their friends and family. Oobers started going on adventures and creating a positive community on social media, especially when a friend gifted another friend an oober. Once adopted, they make great study buddies, gym buddies, travel buddies, and great listeners! The oober army is heading out to have fun in the world, please don't forget to follow us on Instagram @oober_army and use #ooberarmy when posting about your oober. Don't forget to send us pics of your oober out in the wild!


Thanks so much,


General Doober and Ava

oobers are full of personality

Oobers are curious little creatures, filled with adventure! Each one is unique and seems to develop it's own personality. Some oobers are really shy, some are super silly, while others look quite determined! Some even look VERY angry! (They're not, they just like looking that way!) ;) When you adopt an oober, you'll have to take it with you on your travels and everyday adventures. Some of them LOVE to go to the gym, and others will keep you company while you get your homework done. Let's grow the oober army so we can have a great big fun community and bring a little joy to this world.... 

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